Nintendo Twitter The account allegedly mocks Splatoon 3’s new modes and More

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It’s worth noting this same tweet was featured on Nintendo’s Dutch Twitter account late last month. And this translation of it also suggested “new modes and more” were on the way to Splatoon 3. While new modes in a new entry might not exactly be a surprise, it would still be a relief to anyone who was starting to worry the third game would be too similar to the previous entry, or at the very least ease concerns.

Although Splatoon 3 looks fantastic overall, some players may feel that they have already seen a lot of it. If you share their concern about how truly “fresh” the following entry is, you might want to continue reading. According to an update on Nintendo’s German Twitter feed, there will be more. A tweet from the same account notes how Splatoon 3 will be getting “new modes and more,” as noted by social media and GameXplain. Remember that this is based on an approximate translation.


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  • The most recent mode announced for Splatoon 3 was Salmon Run – a returning mode. Datamines have also revealed modes for Splatoon 2 that didn’t make the cut, so maybe Nintendo will add these ideas to the third game. Subscribe to Nintendo Life on How are you feeling about Splatoon 3 as we get closer to its September 9th release? With Xenoblade Chronicles 3 out of the way, is it time for Nintendo to show some more love for the Inklings and Octolings? Leave your thoughts below.


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