Nintendo raises prices and Switch players are not happy with it

Nintendo raises prices and Switch players are not happy with it

Unfortunately, when the shipping crisis corrects itself — assuming it will — this won’t lead to a price decrease. Prices only ever go up. They never go down. Thankfully, this time the price increase is minimal. However, while an extra $2 in shipping isn’t going to financial ruin anyone, Nintendo fans are nonetheless not happy about the increase, labeling Nintendo as “greedy” and “anti-consumer” for the change.

Before the price increase, shipping was $5. Now, it’s $7. Again, not much of an increase. However, if you ship one million items, that’s $2 million dollars you made by simply passing the cost onto the consumer. And that’s exactly what’s happening here. Nintendo doesn’t disclose why shipping prices on the Nintendo Store have increased, but it almost certainly has something to do with the cost of shipping, which is through the roof right now, and has been since the pandemic.


  • Nintendo increasing prices? Never would have guessed from such a corrupt company.

  • Corrupt


— Preston (@Crokorok1) July 20, 2021

This Is Stupid

This is stupid, less reason to get rewards, btw not a reward if I gotta pay for it! If there gonna increase shipping they need to at least make all these rewards really available most of the good ones sale out and don’t come back if they do it takes months and no way to know when

— The Jokester Mr. J🃏🤡 (@TheJokester_MrJ) July 20, 2021 prevnext

No More Shopping on Nintendo Store

My interest in buying from Nintendo Store has decreased.

— NoBullet (@NoBullet) July 20, 2021 prevnext

— Dave Tadros 🌹 (@tadros) July 20, 2021 prevnext

Nintendo… why you treat us like garbage? Nintendo, Why Do You Treat Us Like This?