Next up: JioPhone’s Pragati OS – a flavored Android OS

Next up: JioPhone's Pragati OS - a flavored Android OS

According to the same video, the JioPhone Next will offer features like live translate, which is powered by the same Pragati OS. JioPhone Next To Launch On November 4 During Diwali Festival In India; Expected Price, Features by TaboolaSponsored Links The cost of hearing aids in Patna might surprise you Nutrition is vital for a woman to bear healthy babies Akshaya Patra What Is Pragati OS? As said before, Pragati OS is a custom UI on top of Android. The JioPhone Next does not run on the normal Android OS.

Reliance The Making of JioPhone Next is a new product film from Jio that showcases numerous elements of the upcoming JioPhone Next, the JioPhone series’ first touch screen smartphone. According to the video, the smartphone will be produced (assembled) in India and will be powered by a Qualcomm chipset. According to the video, the JioPhone Next would run on Pragati OS. The name “Pragati,” which means “progress,” is powered by Android OS. This was developed in collaboration with Google and Jio.


  • Not just that, a user might not be able to either uninstall or block these apps. As the JioPhone Next is expected to come to market on November 4, the device is expected to be an affordable device, where, the phone will retail at a subsidized rate. This also means that the JioPhone Next will be network locked, and a user might not be able to use any network other than Jio on the JioPhone Next. Ads by Apple iPhone SE 2022 Could Be iPhone XR With A New Chipset As per the pricing, the JioPhone Next is expected to cost less than Rs. 5,000, which should make it one of the most affordable 4G smartphones in India and even in the world. We expect the JioPhone Next will have a lot of demand, and the company might open some sort of reservation system.

  • Instead, it is based on Android Go OS, which is lighter and less resource-hungry when compared to the native Android OS seen on most Android smartphones. This means the JioPhone Next should be able to run optimized apps without affecting either the performance or the battery life of the device. As Pragati OS is based on Android Go OS, it will ship with optimized versions of YouTube, Google Maps, and the other Jio apps. Amazon Daily Quiz Answers For October 25, 2021: Win Rs. 40,000 Will JioPhone Next Run On Stock Android? Yes, for the most part, the JioPhone Next will run on stock Android. However, unlike a stock Android smartphone, the JioPhone Next will come packed with a whole range of apps developed by Jio.