Newton Falls City Council votes to fire chief financial officer

Newton Falls City Council votes to fire chief financial officer

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Monday night’s Newton Falls City Council meeting lasted more than two hours for an executive session to end.


  • Newton Falls Mayor Ken Kline says the decision comes due to irreconcilable differences.

  • Council members spent the time discussing the city’s finance department and how to move forward with the finance director position.

They also thought the city was in debt due to missing money, but they did find that money as they went through the finances.

He says the city’s finances are not in great shape due to poor financial decisions that were made. Kline says they weren’t kept up to speed on the city’s finances and there was a lot of overspending.

He notes that Musson did not do anything illegal, but they are looking.

“There was some deceptive things done at the beginning of last year right off the get-go to make us think as a community we had a lot more than we did,” Kline said.

At the meeting, the council determined that they will begin advertising to fill the role of finance director immediately. Currently, Sean Housely is serving as interim finance director.

Kline says Housely will remain in the role of interim finance director for about another month. He notes Housely is not only in a transition period, but he has a lot to fix in terms of the city’s finances.