New York AG sues Amazon, accuses company of “flagrant contempt” for health and safety of workers

(Amazon photo)

The News: New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a cause against Amazon on Tuesday night, accusing the tech giant of failing to protect workers from COVID-19. An attempt by Amazon to block James follows from sued as part of a pre-emptive lawsuit filed Friday defending his COVID-19 response at key facilities in Staten Island and Queens, NY and across the country.

AG’s lawsuit: James claims Amazon failed to meet cleanliness and safety requirements after positive COVID-19 cases were identified at its facilities. The lawsuit notes that Amazon’s record profits during the pandemic came “at the expense of its frontline workers who experienced significant risks of COVID-19 infection while working at Amazon.” It also accuses Amazon of illegal retaliation against employees who complained about the company’s COVID-19 response.

Background: The dispute dates back to the early days of the pandemic at Amazon’s JFK8 logistics center in Staten Island and DBK1 delivery station in Queens.

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