New update: PUBG: New State for iOS gets better graphics

New update: PUBG: New State for iOS gets better graphics

“We would like to thank all Survivors for their patience and we promise to provide the best gameplay environment possible in PUBG: NEW STATE. For iOS users, make sure to update the game in the App Store to the latest version before jumping back into the Battlegrounds!” said Krafton in a press statement.

It has been busy rolling out fixes to smoothen the experience for Krafton, the developers of the new battle royale as PUBG: New State has had a rocky start. Recently, a new update for the game has arrived for the iPhone for fixing the important aspects of the game such as its subpar graphics, while the app crashes have also been fixed now. For some minor bugs and inconvenience that should stay out of your way, The company also performed scheduled maintenance of PUBG: New State.


  • Krafton’s patch is not just limited to iOS, it also brings some improvements to the Android version of PUBG: New State. The abnormal app crashing that happens occasionally has been fixed, while the issue where tapping the GO TO LOBBY button in the game would make it freeze has also been addressed with this patch. The patch also brings some improvements related to balance in the game. In addition to fixes for gameplay issues, the patch addresses two other issues, one of which made some airdrops sound louder than others and the other one improves the sound direction and distance to make the sound of footsteps more audible.

  • There are three major highlights of this update: it fixes the issue where frames would get dropped because of the anti-cheat system, it improves the overall graphics quality of the game, and it fixes the problem of PUBG: New State’s app crashing abnormally on the iPhone. And while these major issues have been addressed, Krafton has warned players that using high graphics on the iPhone “may cause overheating.” To avoid that, you will need to figure out the best settings according to your iPhone.

A wide-angle field-of-view option has also arrived with the patch. It will let you see more in the frame just so you can spot enemies better. The bare-hands motion quality in FPP mode has also been updated, while the issue where the animation was out of sync when using an item from FPP mode has also been fixed. Apart from these notable changes, there is a big list of issues that Krafton claims to have fixed with the new patch. You can check them out on the PUBG: New State website.