New Steam demo released by Scathe for the BiliBili Game Charge Festival

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Scathe puts players in Hell, literally. Playing as Hell’s enforcer, by the same name, players will enter a hellish maze full of Hell’s legions. To escape, you must collect the three pieces of the Hellstone and unlock the gates. Of course, you won’t be let out so easily. More similar to a FPS bullet hell then a game like DOOM players must dash through attacks, using Scathe’s speed, to survive. Of course, Scathe is also armed with an arsenal to dispatch enemies. Each weapon comes with its own devastating attacks, and alternate attacks.

Prior to a game’s release, the action should be increased. It increases anticipation, encourages more player commitment, and lets loose dark magics never before experienced on this planet. The new Steam demo for the upcoming game Scathe, developed by Damage State, has just been made available. The demo and a fresh Devlog are released in conjunction with the BiliBili Game Charge Festival. More information on the demo is available in a press release. The Devlog also offers fresh information regarding Scathe’s evil magics.


  • Scathe is scheduled to release for PC via Steam on August 31st, 2022. The demo is currently available on Steam. So, step up as Hell’s Enforcer. Will you try out the demo? Documents provided by the civil liberties organisation revealed additional information regarding the manner in which agencies had acquired data on people’s movements across North America. Image of a smartphone application developed for the state of Utah that lists coronavirus testing locations In just three days in 2018, records reveal that the CBP illegally gathered information from phones in the Southwest of the United States from more than 113,000 locations, or more than 26 data points every minute. | Lindsay Whitehurst/AP Photo

  • Furthermore, players can experience all of this action in the new Steam demo. Additionally, those interested can learn more about Scathes dark powers in the new Devlog. Chris Dawson, co-founder and lead developer at Damage State, gives players all the info they need.


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