Native Cast support obtained from the web version of YouTube Music

Native Cast support obtained from the web version of YouTube Music

Users should soon see a Cast button on the top right corner of the YouTube Music web page. Tapping this button lets you choose the device to stream the audio. Meanwhile, some users are also witnessing a “Related” tab borrowed from the mobile version in the Now Playing section.

The YouTube Music web app is getting an update with the inclusion of native Cast integration. This was a long-sought-after feature by users of the platform. The change was first spotted by users on Reddit (via), though it isn’t widely available yet.


  • YouTube Music has seen multiple changes this year alone

  • Previously, streaming audio from onto devices like smart speakers, displays, or Chromecast units required casting the entire browser tab. This works fine on audio-only Nest devices but can be a challenge on devices like the Nest Hub.

Although YouTube hasn’t commented on the new addition, a wider rollout should be imminent.

Moreover, users could not control audio or playback on the smart speaker or display, making the entire process somewhat irritating. With this update, the new Cast button appears next to the user’s profile avatar.

YouTube Music is a relatively new service in the music streaming industry. However, it is pretty much on par with rival offerings in terms of features and content. The YT Music Android app was recently updated with the ability to search for music downloads.

Thanks to this feature, users can access their downloaded content directly from the search bar.

Sticking to recent news, Google said in August that the new YouTube Music and Google Maps apps would not be compatible with older Wear OS devices. This revelation came shortly after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic in August. It’s also worth noting that the brand-new Wear OS 3.0 update may not make it to a majority of the existing Wear OS smartwatches. So the omission of YouTube Music from older Wear OS versions should barely come as a surprise.

While Google is unlikely to change its mind about the YouTube Music app on older wearables, a developer took it upon himself to port the new YT Music app to a Wear OS 2.0 device. But this implementation has its limitations since it was a port of the mobile version of the app.