My neurotic supervisor checks my phone’s battery level every day to see if I’ve been working

My neurotic supervisor checks my phone's battery level every day to see if I've been working

The worker added that a group of employees who were unhappy with the situation brought up the issue with the supervisor. He noted however that most of them did not want to take the matter further fearing they would lose their jobs. The employee has divided opinions after they posted the invasive tactic on Weibo as users branded it “useless” while others advised staff to quit and find a job with a better working environment.

My neurotic supervisor checks my phone battery level every day to see if I’ve been working — it’s ridiculous, but there’s nothing I can do about it. AN ANGRY employee revealed that their supervisor has instructed them to check their phone battery level every day to ensure they are working during business hours. The employee claimed that their boss believed the company’s poor performance stemmed from the amount of time staff spent on their phones. The employer demanded screenshots of his employees’ battery levels on their phones. According to the disgruntled employee, their boss, who runs a company in Wuhan, China, requested that all of his employees submit him images of their phone battery usage before leaving work.


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  • Other users suggested bringing in a second phone and sending the screenshots from it. Another company left their staff fuming after they announced they would be docking their wages for using a coffee machine at work. And a boss has divided opinion by putting up a sign telling employees that “work is not meant to be fun” alongside a minion character. B2B buying decisions are both rational and emotional, so marketing should be too. Here’s how emotional storytelling can make a marketing campaign more memorable. Watch the full webinar for more. A horrified employee has shared their boss walks around naked in his underwear and has even been spotted naked.