mp3tag officially lands on MacOS

Metadata: Not the sexiest topic in audio, but essential for albums and singles that appear in our local libraries with artist name, album title, release year, song title and the correct track number; and for us to filter and search our libraries based on that data. Metadata is also essential for a correct display of the covers.

Streaming platforms like Roon and Plex use your fingerprint to identify the albums and songs in our library to add their metadata layer which sits at the top of our library. But most streaming systems don’t. Between 2004 and 2015, I streamed locally stored FLAC (and MP3) using the Squeezebox platform – it didn’t add any layers of metadata, so I had to manually add (or reorder) the metadata stored in those FLACs and MP3s.

Sometime in 2006 (or 2007?) I came across mp3tag, a metadata / tag editing app whose spreadsheet-like layout suited my needs just fine. The integration of Discogs, freedb, and MusicBrainz made it easy to extract metadata for an entire album with just a few clicks. I also dug its integration into the shell: right-click on a folder and select mp3tag to edit file metadata.

But there was a problem: mp3tag was only for Windows. And when…

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