Motorola One Hyper With Pop-Up Camera

Motorola One Hyper

Motorola brings in their new One Hyper. Some live images and specifications of Motorola One Hyper were leaked. Basically, it seemed that Motorola is bringing it out as the alternative of Moto One Zoom in the market. Initially, the smartphone didn’t have a specific name. But now it is has a name, Motorola One Hyper. According to the latest reports by IndiaToday, the name of the smartphone is based on the 64MP Hyper camera in it. Release date, pricing or any other specified details are not officially announced. There are some rumored and leaked information about the specs. Let’s have a look at the specifications.

Motorola one hyper specs

One Hyper is going to be the first Motorola smartphone to have a motorized selfie camera and a full bezel-less display. According to the news, the phone will have a 6.3 inches IPS LCD.

Built with an aluminum frame and a glossy back with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. But even being a high performing smartphone, the One Hyper comes with SnapDragon 675. Above all the smartphone will have a 32MP selfie and 64MP Hyper rear camera with an 18MP secondary camera. With 4GB RAM and 128GB storage along with the high performing processor, it will be a great combination for high-end usage. But as the SnapDragon 675 is ain’t an SoC, so it can consume more battery than usual. Because of the 3600mAh battery, users may face some power issues. As the specs are not officially announced, so there is a chance for One Hyper to get a bigger battery.

Motorola though haven’t made any announcement towards One Hyper as they are preparing for the launch of the G8 Plus. The G8 Plus may come with a 48MP camera and SnapDragon 665 SoC chipset. The rumored news also assures it to be better than the One Hyper series.

As there are no official pictures released yet, it might be mysterious for us to know. Stay tuned for the next update on Motorola One Hyper.

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