More users get access to Gmail’s new unified interface

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Google has brought in some updates to Gmail that should integrate with Meet, Chat, and Spaces. Google’s new update, unveiled earlier this year, seeks to provide an easy viewing experience across a few apps while never leaving Gmail. The company’s new integrated Gmail experience begins with its Quick Settings. The gear icon at the top right will give users the option to customize what apps they’d like to appear in the new left sidebar. Google allows users to stick with Gmail as their primary experience or toss in Chat, Spaces, and Meet for easier access to these services.

There shouldn’t be a requirement for you to keep tabs open for everything. Google has started distributing their integrated Gmail view. Users will be able to personalise the upgrade while also having faster access to apps like Chat, Spaces, and Meet through Gmail. New features for conversation include chat bubbles and a rapid reply capability. Users should start to notice these upgrades when Google pushes them out in the coming weeks, but tablets will need to wait a little longer for a polished experience.


  • Aside from its interface work, Google is also improving the search capabilities of Gmail with this update. Search chips will now be available in your inbox for you to better refine and search through your emails to find what you’re looking for. Google has also taken strides to improve the overall search function of Gmail to better serve your queries and find contacts.

  • There are also improvements to Gmail’s labels, such as separate sections for standard labels like Starred, Snoozed, or Important. Users will also be to create custom labels moving forward. Google has also made it a little easier to manage the chats you’ve got going on. Users should begin seeing conversation bubbles that display parts of the incoming message, as well as a quick reply option, which is very similar to Google Message’s quick reply feature.

Google began this integrated Gmail idea a year ago when it started rolling out Chat and Rooms tabs for Gmail. Google informs that over the coming weeks, users can enable this new integrated view using Gmail’s new “visual configuration option” in their Settings. However, it will roll out automatically for users with Chat enabled. Google also teased an updated Gmail experience for Android tablets. The company says the update for tablets will provide a better experience, emojis, new accessibility features, and other unnamed features and should come later in the year.


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