More games for sale, including Hellblade, It Takes Two, and others

More games for sale, including Hellblade, It Takes Two, and others

This is an action-adventure game set in Norse mythology that tells the story of Senua, a Celtic warrior who goes underground to search for her husband , killed in the war. In addition to facing the creatures of the place, she also has to deal with the voices of her own mind, stunned by grief and despair.

Sony started another promotion on the PS Store, the online store for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, with offers reaching 80% discount. Among the highlights are the games Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, It Takes Two and Judgement, franchise spin-off Yakuza.


  • 4. It Takes Two

  • A sequel to the game is in production by Ninja Theory and Xbox Game Studios, and will be exclusive to Microsoft consoles.

A cooperative multiplayer adventure game (online and local) that tells the story of Cody and May, a couple about to divorce. They are turned into puppets by a book “guru of love” and, trapped in a fantastical background, they need to work together to return to their bodies. The game is full of puzzles, mini games and mechanics that reinvent themselves all the time.

From BRL 198,87 for R$ 159,00 (% off).

You must, necessarily, play It Takes Two with a friend; however, he doesn’t need to have the game purchased. If you own the game, just invite it with the Friend Pass, available for free.

3. Judgment

From BRL 199,45 for R$ 119,75 (37% discount). Franchise Games Spin-off Yakuza, Judgement is a game of action-adventure that follows private detective Takayuki Yagami, who investigates a serial killer who is killing several members of the Yakuza mafia in Japan. The story sequel, Lost Judgment, recently arrived for consoles.

2. Prey: Digital Deluxe Edition From BRL 199,50 for R$ 59,85 (70% discount) .

First-person science-fiction action game set on the space station Talos I, in the year of 2021. The player controls Morgan Yu, a character who can be male or female, who discovers that he is the victim of an experiment gone wrong. To make matters worse, the ship he’s on has been taken over by deadly aliens. 1.Little Nightmares

  you solve puzzles, dodge enemies and discover a

Horror adventure game in which you control Six, a girl who wakes up on a ship inhabited by corrupted souls in search for a meal. With a gameplay that resembles the also tense Limbo and Inside, in Little Nightmares From R$ , for R$ 20, (59% off).