More companies flee Seattle due to crime and violence

At least 160 companies have left the city since last March.

EDMONDS, Wash – TR International, a global chemical distributor, is on the move from has been his home for more than two decades in downtown Seattle, crossing the county line to nearby Edmonds.

The company is one of at least 160 companies that have left Seattle since last March.

While some of the companies that have left Seattle are due to the coronavirus pandemic, business leaders have said much of this could be traced back to the feeling that no one cares about the Seattle store anymore and the lack of accountability. from leader of the city.

TR International CEO Megan Gluth-Bohan said the decision to leave was an easy one. He cited ongoing violence, along with rampant homelessness and drug use.

“The center started out as a lively place to be. Over time we got embarrassed, “he said.

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