Money raised for the conservation of butterflies at the Monarch Masquerade

Money raised for the conservation of butterflies at the Monarch Masquerade

Hosted at the Octagon Barn in San Luis Obispo, The Butterfly Ball directly supports these efforts. Tickets cost between $100 and $180, and participants could enjoy a silent auction, performances, a guided art experience, food, informative speakers, and dancing all while helping to save the butterflies.

The theme ties into the purpose of the event, which is to ultimately raise funds for the preservation of the Western Monarch butterfly. The State Parks Association is launching a program called the “Western Monarch Trail” which the group says is meant to kickstart political actions and provide resources and educational materials that focus on preservation in locations where Western monarchs gather during the winter months.


  • With the funds raised at the gala, the Central Coast State Parks Association plans to launch its first educational panel at the Pismo Beach State Monarch Grove in the next couple of months.

  • “The Pismo State Monarch Beach Grove is very special because t’s one of the primary overwintering sites in the past we’ve had hundreds of thousands, last year we had a couple of hundred,” said Alissa Maddren, membership and events coordinator for the Central Coast State Parks Association. “This year is looking a little bit better we’ve got a few thousand, and we’re really excited to have them there, but they’ve been in decline.

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