MOBA appeal will be expanded by ‘Disney Melee Mania’

MOBA appeal will be expanded by 'Disney Melee Mania'

The team is now focusing on MOBA, a genre popular on PC with League of Legends and Dota 2. This category seems to fit well on mobile, with companies trying to break through categories like Pokemon Unite and League of Legends: Wild Rift.

To a wider audience, Mighty Bear Games has a way to take popular genres and make them available. The developer has done this with the Battle Royale category made popular by Fortnite.


  • First, at launch, players choose from a roster of 12 Disney characters. It includes popular characters such as Buzz Lightyear, The Wizard’s Apprentice Mickey and Elsa, as well as lesser-known characters such as Bing Bong from Inside Out. Once they choose their holographic character, they will enter the battle arena for a 3v3 match. There are two modes at the moment. One is a team skirmish, in which players must defeat the opposing team, and the other is a goal-based mode in which the team scores points while staying in the spotlight. Each match is five minutes long, making it ideal for mobile platforms. The time investment is minimal, so players can surreptitiously participate in the match during the dead time of the day.

  • Mighty Bear tries to follow this path with a little help from Mickey Mouse and his company. Disney Melee Mania is a MOBA game coming to iOS, tvOS and macOS devices in December via Apple Arcade. Compared to its peers, this game is easier to play and this simple gameplay can appeal to a wider audience.

The mix of teams and terrain where players can hide in tall grass creates a sense of strategy as players battle their opponents. They must choose the right character to fill up the squad. They must coordinate attacks and defend each other.

Unlike other MOBAs, players don’t have to worry about leveling up a character, customizing it, or dedicating themselves to the streak. All heroes have three attacks that should be intuitive to anyone who has seen the character in a Disney show or movie. The developers stated that they are trying to base their moves on the character’s lore so that players can quickly pick up heroes and know what to do. For example, Bing Bong has a barrel slap, but as a support character, the creature also drops a candy that heals teammates.

Although Mighty Bear will have 12 characters at launch, more are planned over time. In addition, special events will be held at Disney Melee Mania throughout the year. The first is called Hakuna Matata and includes the playable character Timon from The Lion King. Players will be able to purchase special costumes for the Meerkat.

As with Butter Royale, players will have to earn in-game currency by playing matches in order to obtain costumes for their heroes. This creates an incentive to play and improve in Disney Melee Mania and to explore the potential depth of the game.