Missing old Gmail and other Google icons? You can get them back

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The winter blues is coming but product designer Claudio Postinghel gave a reason to rejoice in the form of a plug-in that restores the old Google icons. Now, users can restore old Google icons or swap new ones with the ones they prefer with this new Chrome extension. It is available for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

The “Restore old Google icons” Chrome extension can be added to Chrome and recovers old Google icons. On the developer’s website, the plug-in description says, “This extension restores the old icon on Meet, Calendar and Gmail to make the tabs more recognizable. This increases accessibility.”

The extension was built by Postinghel for himself until Giulio Michelon, who is labeled the “hunter”, (perhaps for finding the design) on the plug-in’s website suggested that the product designer make the plug-in available to the public, according to comments on its website. The extension will soon be available on Firefox too.

Much has been said about the homogeneous nature of the new Google icons introduced last month, which have disrupted the lives of its users in the most colorful way. With Google using the same four colors for all of its icons, it has become difficult for some users to distinguish one from the other, causing confusion and lack of productivity in some cases.

Postinghel’s recovery plugin comes as a blessing in disguise for those who don’t want to let go of old, well-defined icons. So, if your eyes are still struggling to find the Google icon you need on your desktop, you can install this plugin.

The plugin does not help to restore old icons for mobile users. However, you can install a third-party launcher and set of icon packs to change its appearance.

A third-party launcher is a special type of app that allows you to completely change your home screen to one that provides other features and functions, Google notes 9to5. In case you feel like changing all the icons, you can do so by applying icon packs, which may come at a price but to change your Gmail icons, it’s essentially free.

To change the Google icons on Android:

– Download Nova Launcher from PlayStore

– Set or customize your home screen

– Long press on the icon of the Google icon you want to change.

– A pop-up menu will appear which includes an edit button.

– Tap the Google icon to swap it with the package icons installed on your device or a logo image.

Users can apply masks or use transparent versions of the old logos.

iPhone users can also change Google icons as iOS 14 is known for its ability to customize home screens:

– Open the Siri Shortcuts app.

– Create a new link with a Script action.

– Select on Open app for the app logo you want to change.

– Select the Google icon as the app you want the link to open, then select Next.

– Type the shortcut name for the changed icon and select Done.

– Open the link from the app.

– Tap the Share button at the bottom of the screen and select Add to Home Screen.

– Select the Google icon logo you downloaded on yours iPhone to be used as the link home screen icon.

An extension developer, Claudio Postinghel, has created a plug-in to restore the old Google icons on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. it will soon be available on Firefox too.

News Underline:

  • Some Google users are struggling with the new Google icons as they all have somewhat similar designs.
  • The “Restore old Google icons” Chrome extension can be added to Chrome and recover old Google icons. It is available for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.
  • A third-party launcher and set of icon packs can be installed by Android users to change the Google icons on their device.

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