Microsoft’s 1st OpenAI-powered feature helps beginners build productivity apps

Microsoft's first OpenAI-based feature helps beginners build productivity apps

Tech News: Microsoft’s 1st OpenAI-powered feature helps beginners build productivity apps.

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GPT-3 is the largest language model ever trained and is capable of generating text so human-like that it can write credible fake news. Microsoft invested $ 1 billion in OpenAI in 2019 and gained access to language technology for its own use and for its Azure cloud customers.

The integration of the language model into Power Apps means that users will be able to type what they want their app to accomplish and the platform can turn the command into a Power Fx formula. (This is the language used by the Power platform. .) For example, they can type “Show 10 orders that have” stroller “in the product name and sort by purchase date with the most recent at the top.” Power Apps, which would have the ability to understand what this means thanks to GPT-3, will then generate the code “FirstN (Sort (Search (‘BC Orders’,” stroller “,” aib_productname “), ‘Purchase Date’, Descendant)” for the user.

Microsoft says the feature does not “replace the need for a person to understand the code they are implementing.” It can, however, provide invaluable assistance to people who are still new or just starting to learn the Power Fx programming language. “It is one of the first implementations showing how GPT-3, running on Microsoft Azure and powered by Azure. Machine learning, and one of the first internal uses of its new managed endpoint capability, can address real-world business needs at an enterprise scale, ”the company said.