Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 recently spotted in Bluetooth certification

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 recently identified in the Bluetooth certification

Tech News: Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 recently spotted in Bluetooth certification.

A device that could be the Surface Laptop 4 has received Bluetooth certification in the United States. This suggests that Microsoft may be planning to launch a flagship laptop soon. Windows Latest has surpassed four Surfaces Laptop devices via Bluetooth certification. According to the list, these new devices will have Bluetooth 5.1 and Wi-Fi 6, so when it comes to wireless connectivity, they will be pretty advanced.

The four model numbers mentioned in the certification suggest a range of Surface Laptop configurations, including different screen sizes (likely 13.5-inch and 15-inch options again), and might also offer a choice of Intel or AMD processors. Interestingly, the certification calls the product name “Surface Laptop 3 “and refers to the surface Laptop 3 product page on the Microsoft website.

So this could mean the next generation of Surface Laptop it won’t be called Surface Laptop 4, as many expect, but it could be Surface Laptop 3 (2021) or Surface Laptop 3+. If that’s the path Microsoft is following (and we really hope not), it could mean these new Surface Laptops are minor Surface updates Laptop 3, launched in October 2019.

We wouldn’t like it for a variety of reasons. For starters, the Surface Laptop It’s long overdue for a major update, so a minor update will disappoint a lot of people. Additionally, Microsoft is known for its confusing product names (skipping Windows 9, for example, or the Xbox Series X name controversy), so let’s hope it goes for a plain Surface. Laptop 4 name here.