Microsoft says Russia is responsible for more than half of all state-sponsored cyberattacks

GreenPower reports the financial results for the fourth quarter of 2021

Based on this, Microsoft found that Russia had the most rigorous state-sponsored hacking programmes, with a majority share of 58 per cent.

Microsoft’s new claims about hacking have put Russia in the spotlight. The American tech giant claims to have assessed state-backed hacking activity over the last year.


  • The tech giant added that most targets of Russia include government agencies of the United States, followed closely by Ukraine, the United Kingdom and European NATO members, Associated Press reported.

  • Hacker capabilities are improving

The findings were reported in Microsoft’s annual Digital Defense Report, which assessed hacking attempts made between July 2020 and June 2021. The report added that the United States remains the most targeted country in terms of ransomware attacks.

For instance, the SolarWinds hack which remained undetected for long time led to data breach for Microsoft and also improved the capabilities of Russia-backed hackers to 32 per cent by June 30. Last years,

At the same time, the report made no references to the state-backed hacking undertaken by the United States and was developed in collaboration with US government agencies.

Cristin Goodwin, the chief of Microsoft’s Digital Security Unit told AP that state-backed hacking has seen a 10-20 per cent jump in success rate. In its previous findings, Microsoft reported that hacking attempts by Russia had jumped by 52 per cent between 2019-20.

According to the report, such state-sponsored hacking programmes are undertaken by many countries to gather intelligence data and to gather edge over their adversaries. North Korea clocked in a high failure rate at a whopping 94 per cent in the last year. Even then, the report also acknowledges what the tech company was able to detect. The truth about state-backed hacking may be far more sinister.