Microsoft, LenovoPro and Bynd Artisan collaborate to develop a limited edition eco-friendly laptop case

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Nigel Lee, Country General Manager, Lenovo Singapore, said, “Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the products we make or the services we provide, but also influences with whom we collaborate environmentally and socially. And we can’t be more excited to work with one of Singapore’s oldest and finest artisanal brands, Bynd Artisan.” “Together, we set out to craft something truly special, yet remains true to our goal of building a better future for our customers, our communities, and our planet. And the result is a beautiful work of art and craftmanship that will hopefully touch not only the hands of our business customers, but their hearts as well when they use it daily, knowing that it was created sustainably in every single way possible.”

For the most recent information you need to be aware of, follow us on Instagram, join our Telegram channel, and set up browser alerts. Customers of LenovoPRO, who are in the business sector, will be able to purchase the limited-edition vegan leather laptop case. News OutReach – July 18, 2022 Today, Lenovo Singapore announced a partnership with Bynd Artisan to release a limited-edition laptop case made completely of environmentally friendly, sustainable materials. This partnership with Bynd Artisan, which reflects Lenovo’s continued commitment to operating a globally sustainable business, perfectly embodies the 70-year-old, Singapore-founded company’s signature craftsmanship and reflects its ethos of creating perfect leather gifts. It also reflects Lenovo’s continued commitment to its Climate Change Mitigation Goals for 2025.


  • With quality and sustainability in mind, the LenovoPro and Bynd Artisan laptop sleeve is built to protect Lenovo’s ThinkPad and ThinkBook laptops and features: Belly band: Made from recycled food pulp paper, these distinctive and vivid papers are made from organic food by-products such as citrus fruits, coffee, hazelnuts, and corn, which would have been otherwise left as industrial residue in landfills. Incorporating these natural raw materials into the paper has effectively replaced up to 15 percent of virgin tree pulp normally required for paper making.

  • Stylish and versatile, the sleeve is made from vegan leather and designed with the lifestyle of a modern businessperson in mind. It features slim pockets that hold items essential to the professional on-the-go, like mobile phones and business cards, and serves as the perfect complement to Think laptop users, who appreciate fine craftsmanship, reliability, and sleek aesthetics. The online exclusive laptop sleeve (worth S$158.00) is limited to the first 800 purchases and can only be redeemed with any THINK laptop purchased via the LenovoPRO site from 18 July 2022. LenovoPRO is a platform for businesses to enjoy myriad benefits including business pricing, early access to limited deals, complimentary IT consultation, discounted warranty upgrades, bulk deals, and free gifts.

Vegan leather: Produced using process-controlled machines and eco-friendly methods, vegan leather is a great animal-friendly alternative to genuine leather. It offers the same supple touch and appearance of leather without the high carbon footprint, typically a result of the gallons of water required to process natural leather. Felt: Produced from acrylic threads largely attained from post-consumer plastic, the felt material is highly durable with many layers interlocked in its construction. Although lightweight, it is highly water-resistant and provides great layered protection. Ultimately, the felt scraps and fibers can be further broken down and recycled towards the end of its lifecycle.


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