Michigonline sports betting on “good start”

All those commercials promoting new online gambling websites seem to be working.

Online sports gambling got off to a great start in Michigan in January. Between January 22 and 31, Michiganders wagered more than $ 115 million on online sports.

The number does not include bets made during the Super Bowl weekend.

Richard Kalm is the executive director of the Michigan Gaming Control Board. He says online sports games are “a good start”. Although Kalm admits that the initial spike in online sports betting could plummet over time.

“You know the biggest betting weekend ever is always the Super Bowl,” says Kalm. “So we could see a decrease in sports betting activity. It’s hard to say.”

Kalm says the upcoming NCAA college basketball tournament, NHL and NBA playoffs, and the start of Major League Baseball could help keep the pace.

Overall, Michigan’s internet gaming and sports betting operators posted $ 42.7 million in gross revenue in January. Gross Internet gaming revenue was $ 29.4 million. Internet sports betting operators withdrew $ 13.3 million in total gross revenue from sports betting.

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