Memories from Google Photos will soon be available on Chrome’s New Tab page

Memories from Google Photos will soon be available on Chrome's New Tab page

The account that is logged in with the browser will get synced and show images from the same account logged in on Google Photos. Memories widget was also recently added for Android devices, and with this new feature, that is coming soon, Google wants to remind you about your memories stored as images on Google Photos.

Google has been continuously adding new features to Chrome’s new tab page. Recently, this new tab page feature received Drive file shortcuts, and now, the company will soon add Google Photos Memories when opening a new tab. In order to enhance the usefulness and let you go through your glorious past, the Chrome browser will show you images from Google Photos in a new tab.


  • Chrome’s Dev & Beta builds for other OS’s should also have this flag to enable Google Photos Memories Apart from the Google Chrome Canary build, we believe that this new flag should also be available for Chrome’s Dev and Beta builds for other operating systems including Mac, Linux, Windows, and Chrome OS. After enabling this flag, you need to restart the browser. Besides, when using it for the first time, there will be a prompt that would ask you permission to allow displaying your old images from Google Photos. You need to accept the prompt to use the new feature.

  • Notably, this new Chrome’s new tab page Google Photos Memories feature was spotted by ChromeStory. According to the report, there is a new NTP Photos Module flag available in Chrome Canary build. You need to enable the flag in order for this new Google Photos Memories feature to work. Once you have enabled this flag, it will show you images from Google Photos whenever you open a new tab page.

Taking advantage of this, Google will show you all of your images to allow you to go back and cherish your memories. As noted by Android Police, this cross integration between Chrome and Google Photos is a nice way to enjoy the moments you captured.

Right at the bottom of the new tab page, a new box titled “See your memories here” will appear. Here, you need to click on the See memories button to view your images. The feature seems appealing as many people do not open Google Photos and go through their old images or memories. However, you often open a new tab page on the Google Chrome browser.