MBS International Airport Will Use Federal Assistance Money For New Snow Removal Equipment | News

  MBS International Airport Will Use Federal Assistance Money For New Snow Removal Equipment |  News

The airport will receive $7.8 million over five years, courtesy of the Infrastructure Bill. Most of the money will likely go toward a new snow removal equipment facility.

The grant money comes from the FAA and is part of the nearly $3 billion going to airports across the nation, including $73 million for Michigan’s 93 airports.


  • “We got a couple inches of snow today and they’ve been out there since 4 a.m., you know, working constantly. And the building that we’re standing in now was built in the late seventies, early eighties and really has reached the end of its useful life,” Canders said. “This was one of things I recognized early on that needed to be done and I talk with the staff quite regularly and they’re going to be heavily involved with this project. They’re going to be looking at plans, I’m going to want their suggestions.”

  • Airport Director James Canders said they will get just over $1.5 million a year.

That is not the only issue with the building it doesn’t have some of the essentials, like two restrooms.

The biggest issue with multi-task equipment machines is this plow. It’s 24 feet wide, but the door to the maintenance building is only fourteen feet wide. To get the machine in the door, they must take the plow off outside and very carefully drive it into the garage, with inches to spare.

“Over the years, our maintenance staff were very creative here at MBS, they kind of cobbled together their own break rooms and everything, running plumbing and things like that. That should have been thought of in the initial design,” Canders said.

Canders estimates the new building will cost about $4.5 million.

“We had planned on this project for the building, the SRE, all along and it just, it helps guarantee that it will come through. Just gives us a higher chance of getting it completed,” Canders said.