Manfrotto launches new line of camera batteries for Nikon and Canon

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Manfrotto is popularly known for providing camera and lighting mounts such as tripods, monopods, camera bags, LED lights, lighting mounts and more. The company now expands its business by introducing a new line of products. Manfrotto, based in Italy, presented camera batteries and chargers this morning.

Manfrotto’s latest battery line includes rugged batteries for Nikon and Canon. The Manfrotto line of chargers includes a dual battery ProCUBE charger for Nikon, Canon and Sony. In addition to charging two batteries at the same time, a ProCUBE charger can also power up to 4 AA batteries via a magnetic attachment.

Manfrotto battery

Manfrotto says its first ever battery line will provide additional capacity for extra performance. The company has designed two form factors as of now: Nikon EN-EL15 and Canon LP-E6N.

As Manfrotto states and PetaPixel reports: “The best UL approved cells have been carefully selected to ensure an extended life cycle, performance and safety. Each battery has been injected with silicone which gives them a shock-absorbing structure, superior circuit protection and additional electrical insulation. They are drop-proof up to 9 feet, so you know you can rely on them in any environment you are in. “

Manfrotto battery charger

“[Each ProCUBE] features a sturdy metal shell and interchangeable plates that each accept a pair of batteries, as well as a plate to charge four AA batteries, “says Manfrotto.” The battery holders simply snap into place, while the AA plate magnetically attaches to the top of the ‘unit.”

Manfrotto chargers pack some additional features like an LCD screen, which shows the charge level of each battery, a USB power source and a car charging cable in the box. The package also includes plug adapters for the US, Europe and the UK.

The new Manfrotto products are only available in the United States for now. The company could release the new line of batteries and chargers for other markets once it is successful in the United States.

Manfrotto is known for providing tripods, camera bags, LED lights and more. The company has now unveiled a new line of camera batteries and chargers for brands such as Nikon, Canon and Sony.

News Underline:

  • This morning Manfrotto presented camera batteries and chargers.
  • The Manfrotto battery range includes rugged batteries for Nikon and Canon.
  • Manfrotto chargers include a dual battery ProCUBE charger for Nikon, Canon and Sony.

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