Man orders Redmi 8A from Amazon Great Indian sale, gets soap bar instead

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In another case of e-commerce fraud, a Delhi resident who ordered a smartphone during the Amazon Great Indian sale was given a bar of soap instead. Amazon Great Indian Sale offered some of the greatest deals on smartphones. However, for the Delhi resident, the experience was not a pleasant one.

The buyer identified as Naman Vaish had pre-ordered the Redmi 8A dual smartphone during the sale on Amazon. Vaish had reserved the phone in exchange for an offer but instead of getting a phone, he got a bar inside the box. The phone was worth Rs 8000.

Narrating his ordeal Twitter, Naman wrote, “I ordered MI redmi 8A dual on October 24 in exchange and today we gave our old phone in exchange to the delivery man and we received an empty box with a #rin bar Dear Amazon, do not break consumer confidence and fix this. Attach pictures. “

He also attached pictures of the bar of soap he received inside the box of a dual Redmi 8A.

Amazon was quick to respond to his tweets, they wrote: “We are sorry for the unpleasant experience with your order. Twitter being a social platform, we will not be able to access your account details. Please enter your details here:, we will contact you soon with an update. “

Vaish said he received a Rin bar of soap inside the box of his new Redmi 8A dual smartphone. He said that once the order was delivered to them, they returned their old phone and took the box that contained a bar of soap. Interestingly, the bar only costs Rs 14 while he paid Rs 8000 for the smartphone.

Amazon was quick to investigate the issue and also reported that it had initiated a replacement. “As a customer-centric company, we pay great attention to the safe delivery of all our packages to customers. We have investigated this incident and the customer is issued a replacement. We apologize for the inconvenience this customer has suffered, “Amazon told 91mobiles.

In another case of e-commerce fraud, a Delhi resident who ordered a smartphone during the Amazon Great Indian sale was instead handed a bar of soap.

News Underline:

  • Delhi residents get the soap instead of the Redmi 8A dual.
  • Naman Vaish had placed the order during the Amazon Great Indian Sale.
  • Amazon has revealed that the replacement has been released.

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