Mahindris bullish for 2021 with “one of its biggest” updates

Mahindra dropped to ninth in the team rankings last year after failing to score a podium all season, with a mid-year shift supplier identified as the main reason for his drop in performance.

But the Indian manufacturer has been working hard on a brand new powertrain with its partner ZF since the start of season six and believes this could allow it to return to the top of the pack in 2021.

Team leader Dilbagh Gill says the data collected from tests suggest it not only made up for last season’s shortfall, but covered any potential gains its rivals made over the winter.

“It’s a pretty significant step forward for us on the powertrain,” Gill told “If you look at us, our journey back historically, I think this could be one of the biggest upgrades we’ve ever made.

“Between season two and season three we made a huge update and that’s another one. So we are quite satisfied with the numbers we have seen both on and off the track with the performance of the new engine.

“For us the focus with ZF and the start of the new relationship, we were still doing a whole …

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