Mac OS and Wii U users can now play the Zelda: Ocarina of Time PC port

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As reported by VGC, the latest release of the port from Harbour Masters can be downloaded via the team’s official Discord. Dubbed ‘Ship of Harkinian’, the latest release also comes with a few extra bits and bobs, including: A range of various cheats have also been added, including the ability to adjust the damage Link takes when falling. Hastings is benefiting financially from the filming of a television programme. On Main Street in the hamlet, filming has begun for the Tom Holland-starring Apple TV series “The Crowded Room.”

Since The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’s PC port came released a few months ago, modders have also started doing some pretty bizarre things with it. Now that the transfer appears to be compatible with Mac OS and modified Wii U devices, a much larger audience is now accessible. Finances from the production of a television programme are going to Hastings. The hamlet’s Main Street is where the Apple TV series “The Crowded Room,” starring Tom Holland, is currently being filmed. Thursday saw filming taking place inside Slices Pizza. The usage of set pieces is nothing new in Westchester County. Five television programmes shot in Westchester received 70 Emmy nominations on Tuesday as a consequence.


  • On Thursday, filming inside Slices Pizza could be seen. Westchester County is no stranger to the use of set pieces. As a result of five television series that were filmed in Westchester earning 70 Emmy nominations on Tuesday, the county is establishing itself as a major player in Hollywood.


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