LucasFilm announces the new Star Wars game from Uncharted Creator

LucasFilm announces the new Star Wars game from Uncharted Creator

Here’s what Henning had to say in a press release (via Deadline): “I’ve often described how seeing Star Wars in 1977 essentially rewired my 12-year-old brain, shaping my creative life and future indelibly. I’m elated to be working with Lucasfilm Games again to tell interactive stories in this galaxy that I love.”

When a new Star Wars game is announced, it’s always thrilling, and it’s even more exciting when the game is being directed by the developer of the iconic PlayStation action-adventure series Uncharted! The game, advertised as “a lavishly cinematic action-adventure game featuring a unique tale in the renowned Star Wars galaxy,” is being developed by Amy Hennig’s Skydance New Media.


  • Skydance New Media isn’t just working on this Star Wars game, but also a Marvel action-adventure game announced last year. Further details have yet to be revealed, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed for an Xbox release. Liking the sound of this? Fan of Hennig’s work? Let us know down in the comments below.

  • As you may recall, Henning was previously working on a Star Wars game known as Project Ragtag at Visceral Games before EA decided to shut the studio (and ultimately the project) down, with Henning leaving EA in 2018.