Love of money is the problem (letter | Letters to the editor

Love of money is the problem (letter | Letters to the editor

— Purdue Pharma made billions in profit by pushing OxyContin on doctors, all while knowing how addictive and dangerous it is.

That’s importantly different, and people of any faith might well think there’s something to it. Examples are not hard to find, but here are a few.


  • — Oil companies lied to us for decades, saying that their business had no effect on Earth’s climate, when they knew that was not true. They were, and still are, seemingly willing to make droughts, floods and hurricanes more deadly, if that’s the way to make the most money.

  • — Thousands of Walmart employees collect Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits because their paychecks aren’t enough to live on. Yet Walmart sees profits of over $100 billion every year.

Over and over again, politicians and media figures keep us distracted and divided with manufactured controversies, seemingly concerned for nothing but their — and their donors’ — wallets. To paraphrase the Bible, our most serious problems are truly branches of a tree fed by greed.

— The U.S. Postal Service’s new plan for charging more for worse service is bad for people who use the mail, but good for competing delivery and logistics companies.

Eric Wolf

Ramsey County

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