Live coverage of Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

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Today’s live report isn’t coming to you from a shed in south London and is instead coming from the inexplicably less glamorous surrounds of a hotel in downtown Los Angeles. We’ve been over for Summer Games Fest these past few days, checking out games and chatting to devs (some of the first fruits of which you’ll see hitting the site shortly). Is it E3 or isn’t it? Is this the future of shows like this? Will we ever get anything on the scale of E3 again? I honestly do not know the answers to any of those, but I will say that the physical show they put on for Summer Games Fest was a modest but decent start for having these kinds of things back.

It’s going to be a massive one! Okay, it’s the only one, because Microsoft is the only platform owner to put on a complete event during non-E3 week, and expectations are understandably high. Will we get to watch Starfield, which was just postponed? Is it time for a Fable update? And now, maybe, is as good a moment as any for the long-awaited Forza Motorsport remake. There’s just one way to know for certain. Join us at 6 p.m. BST for all of the action.


  • Plus Skybound Games had the excellent Glitch Busters and personal highlight of the show Vice Undercover, while Day of the Devs had ustwo’s latest joint and legends like Glen Schofield and Aaryn Flynn were on-hand to chat their latest projects. For all that, you can’t replace the excitement of a proper platform holder show – for me that’s what E3 is really all about. It’s just under 90 minutes until kick-off – excuse me while I go quiet for a while so I can attempt to write up some of what I’ve seen the last few days! It bloody well does not. There’s not even teamaking facilities, though of course that’s always the way in US hotels. It’s still shite though.

  • It’s not so much about the quality of games – though with Sonic Frontiers there (I’m not sure I’m allowed to say as coverage is embargoed for a bit, but that didn’t exactly stop people from grabbing shots of it on the showfloor these past few days and posting it online) as well as Street Fighter 6 there were enough big ticket games.

If you head over there right now and see all the Xbox signage and a small crowd of expectant fans you could almost squint and convince yourself you’re back at E3 proper. It’s been a slightly odd sensation being in Downtown LA at this time in June. There’s still a massive takeover of the Figueroa Hotel with a big Modern Warfare 2 hoarding, there’s still a contingent of hungover UK journos trying to fix their heads with coffee at the event space in the morning but everything’s a bit muted.


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