LineageOS 19, based on Android 12, is now available for download

LineageOS 19, based on Android 12, is now available for download

As Android has moved onto the quarterly maintenance release model, this release will be “LineageOS 19”, not 19.0 or 19.1. LineageOS 19 is set to launch first for a range of Google Pixel devices, alongside 29 other handsets. Unfortunately, no builds exist yet for the Google Tensor-powered Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. More devices are set to be added as those maintaining individual device builds provide updates. The official changelog is rather substantial as you’ll see below. WebView has been updated to Chromium 100.0.4896.58. We have completely redone the volume panel introduced in Android 12, and instead made it a side pop-out expanding panel.

We’ve seen a lot of unauthorised LineageOS 19 builds based on Android 12 over the past several months, but now this third-party ROM is officially available. LineageOS 19, which was announced in an official blog post, is a significant update for one of the most popular third-party ROMs on Android. It’s worth mentioning that the official upgrade is based on Android 12.1/12L, however the team has decided to eliminate “19.1” in favour of “19” due to Android’s move to quarterly maintenance releases.


  • There are a number of other changes in LineageOS 19 that affect networking. A rework of the privacy-oriented built-in firewall, restricted networking mode, and per-app isolation features was needed to comply with AOSP’s new restricted networking mode. Sadly, due to some other AOSP changes, namely the removal of iptables in favor of eBPF, some legacy devices may not be updated to LineageOS 19 – at least for now. The LineageOS team offered this explanation:

  • (18.1 too) We have a whole new default wallpaper, and a full set of wallpapers to choose from, check them out! These wallpapers are designed with Android 12’s Monet theming features in mind, so go try them out and see what accent color you like best! (18.1 too) Wi-Fi display is available for all devices which choose to opt-in, via either the Qualcomm proprietary interface or the newly restored legacy Miracast interface! (18.1 too) We now support custom charging sounds for different types of charging, cabled or wireless.

If you would like to download and install LineageOS 19 on your device, you can find the full list of supported hardware on the official Lineage Wiki or check the blog post for the dedicated build roster.

The issue lies in the fact that only devices with Linux kernel 4.9 or newer have the needed capabilities to make use of eBPF. Usually, these things can be backported to older kernel versions, but at the moment, even something as close to version 4.9 as 4.4 proved challenging due to the sheer number of commits and structure changes in BPF’s introduction. Those of you on a 4.4 kernel, fear not, a backport has been created, but for devices using kernel versions 3.18 and below, this may be the end of the road.