LG Wing dual-screen phone launch in India expected on October 28

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LG will hold an event in India on October 28 where it will likely launch a new phone. The South Korean company has sent out invitations to the media for the event, but says nothing about what it will launch. India today Tech has learned that LG will launch its dual flip-screen phone, Wing in India later this month. The LG Wing debuted a few months ago globally when the company took a surprisingly weird approach to how dual-screen phones should look (and work).

The LG Wing has a configuration where the larger screen is superimposed on the smaller one. The displays open horizontally to look like a “T”. There is a 6.8-inch 1080p pOLED display positioned at the top while the smaller one is a 3.9-inch gOLED screen. The smartphone is powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor, which brings 5G support to the phone. But considering LG has rolled out 4G variants for its Velvet, the LG Wing for India may have a different processor choice that will settle for 4G connectivity, due to the lack of 5G here.

For photography, the LG Wing has a 64MP main camera, accompanied by a 13MP ultrawide camera and a 12MP Gimbal motion camera. This gimbal setup proves useful, thanks to the operability of the wing. When opened in the shape of a ‘T’, the LG Wing’s main display will become the camera’s viewfinder while the secondary display, located below the main one, shows the gimbal controls. For selfies, a 32MP pop-up camera is available, meaning a full-screen view is available on the LG Wing.

This dual screen setup can be used to run apps in an interesting way, for example to facilitate multitasking. You can have the navigation open on the main screen, while the second screen will have the experience on call, the music player and other elements. Another application could be when you are playing a game on your phone on the main display, while the second will help show you a different app that might otherwise block your view on the main screen.

These uses are still not compelling enough but LG has the application for them with Wing. It will be interesting to see how Indian customers see and use this type of setup. The LG Wing will launch at the event on October 28, which starts at 11.30am.

LG Wing has a configuration of double T-shaped screens, which can come in handy for offering multipurpose applications.

News Underline:

  • LG has scheduled an event for October 28 in India.
  • LG could launch the LG Wing in India at that event.
  • The LG Wing has a T-shaped dual screen setup and a 64MP camera.

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