LG shares tentative names for its rollable display phone, which one do you like?

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LG is speculatively working on its next futuristic smartphone which will have a rollable display. The device is reportedly dubbed Project B and is part of the Project Explorer, the first fruit of which was the LG Wing. The most interesting parts of this device, its working mechanism and its launch have recently been leaked in rumors but its name has remained a mystery. Until now. LG has finally shared tentative names for its next rollable device and they are as obvious as you’d expect.

According to a new trademark application filed (via LetsGoDigital) with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), this device could be called the LG Rollable. The South Korean company is straightforward here without throwing any terms or cheeky names into the mix. It’s very similar to what Samsung called its first foldable Galaxy Fold, but later made things a bit complex with successors, like the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G. Another Motorola smartphone company, however, had it simple. He called the Moto Razr device, based on his hit flip phone from the 2000s.

The trademark was filed by the Mitscherlich intermediary on behalf of LG Electronics in Europe. It is common for companies to provide more than one name for their products. Likewise, LG has launched multiple names like LG The Roll, LG Double Roll, LG Dual Roll, LG Bi-Roll, and LG Roll Canvas for the device. But these names don’t seem as convincing as the first one, LG Rollable. LG has kept things simple with Wing despite the complex mechanism the phone sports. Perhaps, the South Korean company will follow the same path with the rollable display phone.

While LG has yet to explain in detail how this device will be made, rumors are circulating giving us some information about the device. According to previous reports, the rollable display of the device will be made of OLED material. There will also be some sort of “side lock” to prevent the display from rolling outward without a request. This configuration could also prevent the device from creating creases on the display.

Rumors are on the agenda that LG’s next rollable device will launch in March next year. However, a previous report said the LG Rollable will debut in June next year. Perhaps LG has accelerated the launch of its next device by seeing how warm the welcome its Wing device is. For what it’s worth, LG Rollable will open up new ways for other manufacturers to play with the smartphone form factor and offer consumers unique ways to interact with them.

LG has given a few names in the latest EUIPO trademark, including LG Rollable which sounds its best.

News Underline:

  • LG has filed trademarks to provide possible names for its next device.
  • Its next device will have a rollable display that extends 100%.
  • The LG Rollable is expected to launch in March next year.

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