LG promotes its Micro-OLED screens to Apple’s second generation AR view

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The news is coming from TheElec, who said its sources say LG Display is “aiming to supply” the Micro-OLED panels for Apple’s new mixed reality (MR) headset. Micro-OLED technology mounts the OLED on a silicon substrate, unlike conventional panels that place the panel on the glass. OLED on Silicon — or OLEDoS — is expected to be used more and more as we see augmented, mixed, and virtual reality headsets released over the years.

LG Display is apparently vying to be the provider of Micro-OLED panels for Apple’s second-generation AR headset, which is expected to arrive before the first. Apple has yet to announce, much alone release, its first-generation augmented reality headset, but we’re already hearing credible reports regarding the second-generation Apple augmented reality headset. LG Display is apparently attempting to get a deal with Apple to provide its Micro-OLED panels for the company’s second-generation mixed reality headset. Apple is developing an AR headset with mixed reality capabilities, allowing it to be used for both augmented reality and virtual reality, and LG wants it to include its Micro-OLED display.


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