LG could launch its rollable screen phone in March 2021

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LG will reportedly bring its first smartphone with a rollable display next year in March. The futuristic smartphone that is allegedly being developed as the first “Project B” device will feature a rollable display, much like LG’s iconic smart television with the same rollable panel. LG has not shared an official date but may have accelerated development on said device.

According to a report by TheElec, the LG Project B phone will arrive in March 2021. The development comes after a previous report had suggested that LG’s device will launch around the second half of next year, in June. Whatever the case may be, LG’s rollable screen phone is in the pipeline, if we believe the patent that LG has filed with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). The company even amended the patent to include the term “sliding cabinet” for the device.

LG’s ambitious device is along the lines of various innovations that the South Korean company is making to redesign the form factor of a smartphone under Project Explorer. His LG Wing is the latest example of that strategy. With the rollable display, the size of the LG phone will increase by 100%. The phone will normally be the normal size but when you pull the display from both sides, it will extend vertically. This will make the device a tablet as well.

While LG has yet to explain in detail how this device will be made, the report does provide some important details. According to the report, the rollable display of the device will be made of OLED material. There will also be some sort of “side lock” to prevent the display from rolling outward without a request. This configuration could also prevent the device from creating creases on the display.

The report further stated that LG is working on another device codenamed “Rainbow”, which will also be launched in the first quarter of 2021. The specifications of this device are said to be similar to those of LG’s V-series phones. That would mean that the next device will be premium and take on Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S21 phones.

LG recently launched the Wing and Velvet smartphones in India to expand its premium portfolio. The Velvet starts at Rs 36,990 (its dual screen accessory is available for an extra price) while the Wing is priced at Rs 69,990.

LG is working on a futuristic device that brings a rollable display that extends 100% to become a larger property.

News Underline:

  • LG’s rollable display device could be launched in March next year.
  • The smartphone will have an extra display rotated within the main screen.
  • LG hasn’t said anything official about this Project B device.

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