Let’s test your eagle eye and guess the phone

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We’ve tried to keep things modern here – all the phones are pretty current, the oldest one is around five years old. No point in digging obscure images from even more obscure times in smartphone history. That being said, there are several entries that aren’t obvious, to say the least. Only hardcore fans will be able to guess all the answers. We’re going to give you a hint (because we’re awesome, and generous, and everything). All the images in the quiz depict phones that we reviewed on our site at some point.

Someone once published an editorial claiming that all phones appear to be the same (I’m not sure who that person was). With a brand-new quiz, we’ll try to refute this today! The “Name the Phone” quiz is self-explanatory: we’ll show you 20 fragments of various cellphones, and your task will be to guess the brand and model. It’s not as difficult as it appears – there are four possibilities, and unlike prior missions, the questions have no time constraint (Google is not that good in image recognition, I hope).


  • Meanwhile, if you’ve enjoyed this quiz, there are a couple of others to try out (if you haven’t done so already). Find them in the links below. Get the most important news, reviews and deals in mobile tech delivered straight to your inbox

  • So, armed with that knowledge, it’s time to browse all reviews on PhoneArena.com from the past few years to get ready. No, come on – we’re joking here. Just go with your gut feeling and enjoy the ride. Well? How did it go? Was it difficult, or was it too easy? This is our first visual quiz, so any feedback is welcome. Do you like this format more than the more conventional written trivia quizzes? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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