Latest Windows 10 update finally says goodbye to Edge Legacy

Latest Windows 10 update finally says goodbye to Edge Legacy

Tech News: Latest Windows 10 update finally says goodbye to Edge Legacy.

As part of the latest Patch Tuesday update for Windows 10, Microsoft’s Edge Legacy browser will be replaced by Chromium-based Edge. Chromium-based Edge, which was first released in January last year, is designed to replace Edge Legacy, which was released by the software giant in 2015.

While Microsoft began pre-installing its new browser on corporate laptops and other devices that shipped with the Windows 10 October 2020 Update, users with older versions of the operating system had to download Chromium Edge and install it manually.

Now, however, when Windows users install the April edition of Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday updates, Edge Legacy, based on EdgeHTML, will be completely removed from their systems and replaced with Chromium-based Edge, Blink-based. Once the April Patch Tuesday update is applied, Microsoft Edge will become an essential and mandatory part of Windows 10.

For users who blocked Chromium Edge from updating using Group Policy or registry hacks, these settings will be ignored with the new update and Edge Legacy will be automatically removed. This is because support for Edge Legacy ended last month, and Microsoft now wants to ensure that all Windows 10 users are using the same version of its browser.

If you have yet to test Chromium-based Edge on your Windows 10 PC, now is the time to do so, as Microsoft is constantly adding new features like vertical tabs, dormant tabs, a reinvented toolbar, and more to its browser in an effort to convince. users to make the switch from Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on Edge.