LA Lakers sells custom Xbox Halo bundles that are already scalping

LA Lakers sells custom Xbox Halo bundles that are already scalping

The bundle includes:

The $ 139.99 set announced by the Lakers Twitter account is only available from the Team LA Store at the Staples Center, the arena where the Lakers play.


  • The console can also be turned on with a custom Halothemed sound, and the included controller is also specially designed for the console. The design of the
    console is inspired by the vast world of Halo and is housed in a dark metal panel with iridium gold accents.
    Meanwhile, the controller is inspired by Master Chief’s armor and has a “combat-worn matt metallic green” finish using iridium gold DPad. Replaceable components are provided in a custom-made carrying case with a UNSC badge.

  • Many bundles have already been purchased by Scalper and are sold on eBay at multiples of their original price, as the bundles will be available on Friday at 1:17 pm and are monopolized in a single LA store.
    Some lists are currently sold for $ 1,000 to $ 2599, while other auctions have bids of $ 510 and $ 660, which is a multiple of $ 139.99.
    The custom controller here is LA Lakers design, not Halo design, but Xbox already sells custom Halothemed hardware such as the limited edition Xbox Series X console and Elite Series 2 controller. The
    Limited Edition Halo Xbox Series X includes a downloadable copy of Halo Infinite, which will be available on the console and at the top of the fans when the game is released on December 8. The upper vents are highlighted in Cortana Tem Blue under the stars.