Kerala startup robot that collects toddy wins National Startup Award

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Three Kerala startups won the first edition of the National Startup Awards in 32 categories across 12 industries. These startups have designed products that will help with toddy extraction, wastewater removal and subsequent reduction of manual scavenging which is still prevalent in India, and the production of green flour which helps reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics. . Innovations and God’s Own Food Solutions were the basis of the award-winning innovative products. All three startups are from Kerala, of which the first two, namely Nava Design and Genrobotics, were incubated by the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) According to KSUM, the honors won by Kerala startups demonstrated the effectiveness of government support state to nascent companies that show promise. “The awards came for their commitment to solving social problems,” noted KSUM CEO Sasi PM. “This recognition will inspire more startups to follow similar lines in the future.” NAVA won the award in recognition of its solar powered toddy mining device. Capable of improving toddy-tapping efficiency by 72 times, the device facilitates the cutting, beating and collection of the drink. Its use reduces the number of palm climbs to just three from what is manually 270 in three months. The machine has obtained NAVA patent rights in 28 countries where it is used. Genrobotics gained recognition for its product called Bandicoot, which is ranked as the world’s first robotic scavenger that cleans manholes and helps eliminate manual scavenging. The 50kg pneumatically operated and remote controlled robot, developed in 2018 by four young engineering graduates, can be sent down a manhole, where it would remove wastewater by spreading its arm that can move 360 ​​degrees. Designed with the help of Google’s launch platform, Bandicoot is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface as it is.God’s Own Food Solutions won the food processing industry award for its patented flour product green called jackfruit365, which the jury noted “has streamlined the organized market for Indian Jackfruits”. Having created clinically proven solutions to control diabetes and reduce chemotoxicity, test results for the product showed a significant reduction in blood glucose in 996 out of 1,000 patients for 90 days. The awards were in agriculture, education, of corporate technology, energy, finance, food, health, industry 4.0, space, security, tourism and urban services. They are also designed for scalable businesses, with high potential for job generation or wealth creation, and those that demonstrate measurable social impact, the ministry said.

Three award-winning startups have designed products that will help with toddy extraction, wastewater removal, and help diabetics control blood sugar levels.

News Underline:

  • Three Kerala startups won National Startup Awards in 32 categories across 12 industries.
  • The startups, namely NAVA Design and Innovation, Genrobotics Innovations and God’s Own Food Solutions, were behind the award-winning innovative products.
  • The products are designed to help with daily pumping, wastewater removal and diabetes.

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