Jumping on TSMC’s 3nm roadmap are AppleQualcomm and MediaTek

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The smaller the node, the more transistors can be put on a chip, making it more powerful, while shrinking the footprint and increasing efficiency. TSMC also announced that it will start shipping 3nm chips to clients in 2023, and that’s the timeline Apple, Qualcomm and Samsung are all aiming for.

Chipmaker TSMC published its roadmap for cutting-edge process nodes, which include 3nm (N3) and 2nm (N2) processors, last week. Future smartphones will undoubtedly use these CPUs, with the iPhone 15 likely getting a 3nm SoC and Samsung aiming for 2nm in 2025. Major customers like Apple, Qualcomm, and MediaTek are reportedly starting to line up for 3nm process capacity at the TSMC plants, which suggests they are moving forward on the company’s roadmap for the aforementioned 3nm and 2nm nodes.


  • The latest rumors from tech experts and analysts point toward 4nm chips for the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max (the A16 Bionic, to be exact), while the lower-tier models will rely on the older A15 bionic. Apple is one of TSMC’s biggest clients with $17 billion projected revenue for 2022 from the Cupertino company alone. TSMC to mass-produce 3nm Apple M2 Pro this year; why iPhone 15 Pro is the model to wait for. Wacky rumor calls for TSMC to reuse its 5nm process node on A16 Bionic chipset Get the most important news, reviews and deals in mobile tech delivered straight to your inbox


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