Joker malware has infected Android users. Eliminate These 8 Money Theft Apps

 Joker malware has infected Android users.  Eliminate These 8 Money Theft Apps

The applications have been deleted by Google from the Play Store but many users may still have them stored on their devices. The applications should be deleted from smartphones as soon as possible. The Joker virus is known to steal information from the victim’s device via SMS messages, contact list, and device info. Since it is a Trojan, it silently interacts with advertisement websites and also subscribes the victim to premium services without their knowledge. These subscription services start extracting money from the victim’s bank account.

Malicious actors frequently target Google Play Store applications in order to infiltrate the smartphones of unwary consumers. The Joker virus is one example of malware that has previously been exploited to circumvent Play Store security tests. Belgian authorities have issued a list of apps that were infected with the Joker virus. Some of these apps even imitate other famous apps in attempt to fool users. The Belgian police discovered eight Play Store applications infested with the Joker malware. Many of the programmes on the list have very generic names, making them difficult to identify, and some users may even mistake them for their popular and legal equivalents. Quick Heal, a cybersecurity firm, was the first to spotlight the list.


  • According to the Quick Heal report, at launch, these applications ask for notification access, which is used to get notification data. The application then goes on to take SMS data from notification, and asks for Contacts access. When the access is provided, the app makes and manages phone call permission. After that, it continues to work without showing any visible malicious activity to the user.