JH swim athletes excel at state level: Buckrail

JACKSON, Wyo – Two passionate high school athletes from Jackson are among the best swimmers in the state.

Jackson Fouras, a Jackson Hole High School student, and Hunter Scott, a sophomore from Jackson Hole Community High School, swim with the local Stingrays Club Swim Team.

Fouras and Scott are addicted to sports, training five days a week with the Stingrays program in Jackson. They compete in both club matches with stingrays and in state swim matches from December to February with the Sublette County Boys High School swim team.

“Swimming is one of those sports where you can’t take a day off to enjoy yourself, which is both a blessing and a curse,” Fouras said. “Just having a routine in the water and swimming every day keeps me motivated because I can always imagine the final results of my races at the end of a season. I have a great team and a support system that always encourages me to push myself beyond my comfort zone, which I am very grateful for. “

There comes such a firm commitment to sport from an inner drive to reach their maximum potential in the pool, explains Hunter Scott.

“Something that motivates me as a swimmer is knowing how strong I am …

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