It seems Samsung is killing Galaxy Note series, but S Pen may survive

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We’ve heard a lot of rumors over the past few weeks about the upcoming Galaxy S series flagships, including strange reports that the phone will actually come with support for the company’s S Pen. It now appears that such reports may end up becoming true, with the latest information coming out of South Korea stating that the company has officially confirmed that the phone will receive support for the S Pen.

However, what’s more interesting is the fact that the report makes some other interesting revelations, including the fact that the company has also confirmed plans to bring the S Pen to the foldable Z line-up and also that with this move it will come. also interrupted. the Galaxy Note line.

This information, provided courtesy of Aju News, states that Samsung intends to launch the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in June next year, which will be a major update to the Galaxy Fold 2 and will come with S Pen support and is also expected to be equipped with a camera under the display.

Interestingly, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is also tilted to use second generation Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG), to avoid scratches when the S Pen is used. The report also adds that Samsung is also working on a custom under-display camera solution for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 to deliver a truly full-screen experience. However, for now these only remain flat, as the report adds that Samsung may drop this idea if the screen and camera quality weren’t up to par. The report also claims that Samsung would consider adding a pop-up camera to the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but decided against the idea due to concerns over reliability.

While the claims made in the report are quite interesting and explosive, what needs to be remembered is that it’s best to take this new information with a pinch of salt because it seems a bit far-fetched at certain points. Also, it is always prudent to remember that we hear a lot of rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S, Note and Z Fold series, however, very few actually come true.

More information on this should become clear as we get closer to the phones launch date, which will come sooner than most years as the company is largely set to launch the new Galaxy S21 series flagships in January 2021. The Z Fold 3 as per new reports it is also expected to launch early next year with the company planning a June launch for it.

Samsung intends to launch the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in June next year. The foldable device will replace what would be the next Galaxy Note phone.

News Underline:

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold is set to replace the Galaxy Note series.
  • The S Pen will ship with the Galaxy S and Galaxy Z fold flagships.
  • The Galaxy Z Fold 3 may be equipped with a camera under the display.

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