It might cost three Oculus Quest 2 headsets for Project Cambria

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The Oculus Quest 2 may be the best VR headset you can buy from Meta today, but Project Cambria could change all that when it launches later this year… providing you can stomach its potentially premium price tag. While the company is yet to provide an official MSRP for its upcoming device, new reports suggest it could cost as much as a mid-range gaming PC.

If you want to get Project Cambria, you may have to fork over more than $1,000 USD. Alternatively, you may purchase three Quest 2 headsets from Meta for the same price. A blonde woman exercising in the Oculus Quest 2, which may also be a good use for Project Cambria.


  • Mid-release cycle exclusive color options seem to be all the rage these days. Apple’s iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max received one in the form of Alpine Green. Given the latter’s success, it is no wonder that Samsung is adopting a similar formula. The Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup was released back in February. We are almost 6 months past that date and a lot of would-be Galaxy owners might be on the fence – they could be split between buying a half-year-old headset immediately (possibly at a better price even) or waiting another 6 months for the latest and greatest.

  • Exclusive colour options for mid-release cycles seem to be really popular right now. Alpine Green was given to the Apple iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. Given their success, it is understandable why Samsung is using a similar strategy. In February, the Samsung Galaxy S22 range was unveiled. Many prospective Galaxy users may be undecided as of this writing, almost 6 months after that date, on whether to get an outdated headset right away (perhaps for less money even), or wait another 6 months for the newest and greatest.


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