It is possible that the nightmare of PS5 refueling is coming to an end

It is possible that the nightmare of PS5 refueling is coming to an end

While trying to land a PS5 can feel a lot like playing the lottery, there are some tricks you can take advantage of to give yourself the best shot at securing Sony’s console for yourself. Here are the big stores to watch for PS5 restocks as well as expert advice for navigating the often messy PS5 shopping experience and eventually bringing one home.

Availability for the PS5 has ranged from inconsistent to downright mythical since it launched last November, thanks to being plagued – like many other tech devices – by a global semiconductor shortage. But, our team of hawk-eyed hardware experts has been tracking PS5 stock since launch day and knows the patterns and trends that driving PS5 stock at retail. So, bookmark this page for all the latest.


  • While history can tell us which retailers have been most consistent when it comes to offering the PS5, figuring out when they’ll actually get consoles in stock has proven much trickier.

  • “Best Buy has been the most reliable with PS5 restock in recent weeks. They’ve gone three for three in offering the console on Fridays, whereas Walmart has done larger drops every two to three weeks,” says Matt Swider, a managing editor for TechRadar who has been closely tracking PS5 availability and providing rapid updates to his more than 140,000 followers on Twitter. Swider also notes that GameStop has had decent PS5 availability as of late, largely because the retailer sells the console via expensive bundles that don’t sell out as fast.