It is possible that the Galaxy Watch 4 unpairing with phones is due to the assistant issue

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To make matters worse, attempts to re-pair the affected watch and phone don’t work since both devices act as though they have never been connected and don’t recognize each other. For example, Redditor u/SnooBeans6722 wrote, “I updated the Google Assistant feature yesterday, and have been playing with it on and off. I even used my watch to track a workout this morning. But now my watch won’t connect to my phone.”

We informed you last week that it had been 9 months since Samsung introduced the Galaxy Watch 4 with Wear OS. Samsung claimed that the Google Assistant will be available on the Galaxy Watch 4 at the time of its debut. On May 23rd, users of the clock received the update incorporating Google’s digital assistant. Users of the Galaxy Watch 4 were pleased to finally have a digital assistant on their wrist that was better than Bixby. That is, until some of them identified an issue that appeared to be caused by the Google Assistant upgrade that was installed on their watches. What is the problem? Many Galaxy Watch 4 devices were disconnecting from phones after installing Google Assistant, according to some Reddit users.


  • There is bad news from others writing in the thread. They claim that the only solution that others have found that works is to fully reset the watch. As others point out, it is a pain in the butt to do this. But once you decide that fully resetting your watch is the way to go, make sure that you have backed up the data on your timepiece before starting the process of fully resetting your Galaxy Watch 4.  Besides the issue of disconnecting from the phone it is paired with, the Galaxy Watch 4 also has other problems with always-on hotword detection for Assistant resulting in the battery draining quickly. And to make matter worse, Google Assistant doesn’t always seem to catch you saying “Hey Google.” Hopefully, Google will be able to send out an update that will correct these problems.

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is randomly disconnecting from phones after installing Google Assistant – Galaxy Watch 4 un-pairing from phones randomly; could be Assistant’s fault. He continues. “My phone no longer has my watch listed as a device in the Wear app. If I try to click add, it asks me to pair it like it is pairing to a new phone, and asks me to wipe my watch, (which I don’t particularly want to do because it is a pain setting up all the cards on Samsung Pay again). I have tried restarting both phone and watch, updating any apps, Turning off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and turning it back on, nothing is working.”


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