It has been revealed that the OnePlus 10T will have a 120Hz display, up to 16GB of RAM, improved cooling and two distinct finishes

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The 10T has been rumored to become OnePlus’ inaugural 16GB RAM Android smartphone on its launch. Now, the OEM has decided not to wait until its global launch day to confirm that this is the case. The upcoming 10 Pro variant is thus now touted as a “master at multitasking” that can keep about 30 apps open at once. OnePlus broke this news via its official Indian Twitter feed, although the new 16GB spec is now being teased on its websites for other regions now.

It has been revealed that the OnePlus 10T will have a 120Hz display, up to 16GB of RAM, improved cooling, and two distinct finishes. The newest flagship-level smartphone from OnePlus is hyped. (Refer to OnePlus) The newest flagship-level smartphone from OnePlus is hyped. The 10T, a new Android smartphone from OnePlus with a Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 processor, has not yet gone on sale. The company has already stated that the product will be the first in its range to feature 16GB of RAM. With its “silky-smooth” 120Hz display, it is also hailed as a powerhouse in the entertainment industry.


  • Nevertheless, the smartphone will ship with a 50MP Sony IMX776 sensor with an ultra-wide 119° field of view. Then again, OnePlus clearly wants attention fixed on the 10T’s apparent “evolution of speed”, delivered via its 120Hz display driven by a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC and a second-gen “Cryo-Velocity Cooling System”.

  • On that note, the company has also baldly outed the 10T as a non-Hasselblad-branded flagship “because we wanted to offer an ultimate performance flagship smartphone experience at the device’s chosen price point”. Ironically, however, it seems this new top-end spec will be paired with 256GB of internal memory, whereas some other flagships offer 512GB.

OnePlus has hinted that, while the 10T’s black option will retain the subtle, more grip-friendly texture and matte look of the 10 Pro, it has created a new, ceramic-like finish for the Jade Green SKUs. Therefore, all that really remains to be seen for the first time during the OEM’s upcoming major product event is the new flagship remix’s price.

For those also interested in the backs of their new premium smartphones, OnePlus has prepared 2 new colorways for the 10T. Then again, they are still green and black, although they have both been heavily re-branded as reasonably accurate-looking Jade and Moonstone shades respectively.


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