It appears that the video game publisher Bandai Namco has been hacked

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A group that monitors malware source code online, known as ‘vx-underground’, was the first to spot this and share the information on social media. The same source has previously reported on other attacks – like the Nvidia one before it was officially confirmed. BlackCat have reportedly been “ramping up” ransomware attacks over the past year, and has previously shared private employee data online, when victims refuse to comply. This includes demands for millions of dollars. It’s unknown at this stage the extent of this latest incident.

It is reportedly the ransomware attack’s most recent victim. Major cyberattacks on video game companies have grown rather common in recent years, and it appears that Bandai Namco is the most recent victim. The Japanese publisher and developer, well-known for franchises including Pac-Man, Dragon Ball, and Elden Ring, has been added to the list of victims of the ransomware gang “BlackCat.”


  • Some of the biggest attacks on video game companies in recent years include the Nvidia leaks, CD Projekt Red, EA and fellow Japanese company Capcom – which saw the reveal of a number of unannounced games ahead of release.


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