It appears that Apple’s M2 chip will continue to use Samsung components

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The FC-BGA is a substrate that connects the chip to the main substrate, allowing for increased signal density and functionality, especially in smaller semiconductor dies. As a result, this is a critical component, especially in high-performance chips. Apple used Samsung to supply FC-BGAs for its initial M1, but ET News says the company would continue supplying the component for the M2. Qualcomm’s new PC chips are good, but they still can’t match Apple’s M1

Apple will almost certainly continue to rely on Samsung for M2 components. Samsung would supply a key component in the development of high-performance chips. Apple is hard at work on its next-generation M2 chips, and it appears that Samsung will continue to play a crucial role in their production. The relationship between Apple and Samsung is convoluted, with the two companies typically taking the top two spots in the smartphone industry. Despite the periodic litigation and squabbles, the two companies collaborate on a regular basis. The hesitant alliance appears to have no end in sight, with Samsung Electro-Mechanics being chosen to supply the flip chip ball grid array (FC-BGA) for Apple’s future M2.


  • Apple took the computing world by storm when it began migrating away from Intel to its own homegrown M1. The processor is essentially a desktop version of the chips that have powered iPhones and iPads for years. The M1 shown a spotlight on the shortcomings of traditional x86 processors — such as those from Intel and AMD — by providing comparable performance, while delivering unrivaled energy efficiency. Given the M1’s revolutionary leap forward, many are hoping the M2 delivers an equally impressive upgrade. Apple’s continued reliance on suppliers with a proven track record of delivering the goods is certainly a promising sign users may get exactly what they want.


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